Museo de Lipa

Plaza Independencia Site, Pres. L. Katigbak St., Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Tel: +63 (43) 784-2537

Museo de LIpa

Museo de Lipa, inaugurated on November 2007, is the brainchild project of the Lipa City Tourism Council envisioned by its Past President, Lucila R. Resurreccion. It provides a chance for the people of  Lipa to have a historical journey back to the city’s past. On display are antique mementos such as: the Coffee Corner – an exhibit of the different tools used in coffee production; Las trajes de mestizas and ternos – gowns worn by women during the pre-war days and during festive occasions; the Satsuma Vase – a gift given by the Luna brothers to the unparalleled hospitality shown by the aristocratic couple Doña Germana Solis and Dr. Jose Lozada; and the office tables of  Don Claro Mayo Recto and Mayor Carlos Solis, the 24 hour Mayor.

Other artifacts exhibited are certain collections of furniture and objects of art loaned and donated by different antique collectors and by some of the famous and landed gentry of Lipa: antique cabinets, tables, mirrors,  antique silverware  chinaware, tea sets, religious images and articles, jars, and brass artifacts.

The ground floor serves as a function area and currently  features works of several contemporary Lipeño visual artists like Mr. Chito Segismundo’s  photo gallery of “Recuerdos de Lipa” – memoirs of Lipa and the sketch-works of incumbent LCTC President, Mr. Alejandro “Alex” Africa Maralit.

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10 Replies to “Museo de Lipa”

  1. Hi! Me and my classmates were assigned to feature places here in Lipa, can we visit this museum and feature it? Thanks in advance. :))

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