Carmel of Lipa

P. Torres Street, 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Tel. No. +63 (43) 756-2234 / +63 (43) 756-1276

Mary Mediatrix of All Grace

Remembering, those glorious moments in 1948, the Blessed Virgin appeared to Teresita Castillo, a former Carmelite postulant. Inexplicable phenomena of conversion, physical cures, and showers of rose petals bearing holy images had authenticated the heavenly apparition.

When the experts examined the rose petals, they discovered that these are of Russian cultivation. This is another proof that attests to the reality of the Apparition in Lipa.

Lipa Petal with Our Lady of Lourdes Image
Yet, during the 1950s, the local Catholic Church declared the alleged apparition as a hoax and ordered the Carmelite nuns to destroy everything that was connected with it. In the 1990s, after 40 years of public silence, the late Archbishop Mariano Gaviola re-opened the case and ordered that the statue of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace be again exposed for public veneration.
In 1991, rose petals from the sky began to fall again in the grounds of the Carmelite convent and it was said that the statue of Our Lady came to life. With all these, on September 12, 2005, present Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles restored the devotion to Our Lady and declared the date as a yearly National Pilgrimage.
Inside Carmel

With the growing devotion to Our Lady, on November 12, 2009, Archbishop Arguelles issued a decree that finally lifted the 1951 ban and pronouncement of the veracity of the apparition. In pursuance of the orders of Most Rev. Mariano Gaviola, his predecessor, He had formed a new commission that will re-investigate and gather further  documents pertaining to the miracles of the Apparition in Lipa.

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3 Replies to “Carmel of Lipa”

  1. I love her so much! I had visited her two times. I had with me two books in my possession. I felt the suffering she felt when her apparition was denied and rejected by the skeptics. I felt her happiness when she was faithfully accepted by Postulant Teresita and Bishop Gaviola and company More so now by many faithful lead by Bishop Arguelles and Father Melvin Castro.

  2. I just read the book about the Lipa apparition authored by the late June Keithley. How those bishops/priests had declared these phenomena a hoax when in fact, investigations that time tried to hide the truth. From the postulants/novices & prioress could’ve been threatened not to divulge the truth, those poor people could have led a holy life from that time onwards instead of some of them left the convent. And didn’t die a fruitless death! Now, I’ve more than eager to visit the sacred place of our Lady of Carmel, Mediatrix of All Grace. A great book that evryone should read & learned how the late June Keithley come out w/ the real happenings of the great apparition.

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